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2011 Varadero XL1000V

Started by Redeye, 05/10/10 - 10:56:43

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Honda UK Press Release:


For 2011 the XL1000V is available in a new, eye-catching, sporty Shasta White tri-colour version that emphasises the focused, aerodynamic contours of its bodywork.

Powered by a high-performing fuel-injected V-twin engine, the XL1000V is easily capable of speeding up mountain trails carrying a full load of touring gear and a passenger. Smooth and torquey, it delivers strong, dependable acceleration from anywhere in its wide powerband. Its 25-litre fuel tank provides an impressive touring range while Honda PGM-FI ensures accurate fuel delivery, responsive throttle control and low emissions.

Handling is smooth and nimble, with compliant long-travel suspension systems providing comfort over any road surface. The contoured seat is comfortable over long distances and provides plenty of room for a passenger, while the wide windscreen provides substantial wind protection. Smooth, effortless stopping power is provided by a responsive Combined ABS braking system.

Convenient standard features include locking side pockets and a fuel mileage gauge that calculates remaining riding distance based on fuel volume and consumption. An optional lockable luggage system is available, with easy clip-on mounting and there is a broad range of additional Genuine Accessories to further extend versatility and comfort.

Main features
- New Shasta White (Tricolour) colour version.

- High-performance fuel-injected DOHC 8-valve V-twin engine delivers an inspiring rush of acceleration.

- HECS3 oxygen-sensing catalytic exhaust gas converter system minimises emissions of harmful exhaust gases.

- Rigid frame and long-travel suspension systems.

- Smoothly responsive Dual Combined Brakes enhance braking ease and control.

- Combined ABS for confidence inspiring, smooth braking operation.

- Optional luggage system provides big carrying capacity while making your packing as easy as clip on and go.

- Shasta White (Tricolour)
- Pearl Concours Black

Optional equipment
Honda Access Europe provides a range of optional accessories for the XL1000V, further enhancing its touring proficiency, styling and comfort. The options include:

- Motorcycle navigation kit
- Averto alarm kit
- Brushed aluminium-look decorations
- pannier decoration panels
- meter panel
- side fairing accents
- Coloured pannier panels
- Handlebar bridge
- Handlebar bridge pocket
-Pannier stay set
- 29L pannier kit
- 35L pannier kit
- Brushed aluminium-look 45L op box
- Colour-matched 45L top boxes
- Pannier inner bags
- Top box inner bags
- Cargo net
- Mainstand
- Choice of 2 U-locks
- Top box mat
- Outdoor motorcycle cover
- Pannier cover set
- Top box cover
- Upper and lower top box pads
- Protective tank cover
- Brushed aluminium-look scuff pads
- Pillion armrest set
- Rear fog lamp kit
- 12V DC socket kit
- Top box bracket
- Grip heaters


Wow...some radical design changes there then....
It must have taken up most of someone's lunchtime to dream that little lot up.

Well done Mr Honda..(or are you Edward Turner in disguise?)

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path..... and leave a trail...!

.....and remember, "Light travels faster than the speed of sound, which is why some people appear bright until they speak"

The Prodded Dog

No shaft, no 1200cc. Just a paint job.
Nuff said
I can still do all the things I could when I was 21, but now it is with less teeth.


... found a couple more pics...



Quote from: Harko on  05/10/10 - 20:49:24
... found a couple more pics...


Stealth option too.  ;D
HOC  29504


Colours look quite nice - rather fashionable, white.

Did someone want a shaft...?  8)
My imaginary friend thinks you've got serious problems.

Big Dave

after talking to Fiona Cole (communications manager Honda UK) at the BSB Silverstone.  She assured me that Honda have a NEW ADVENTURE BIKE to unveil at the Milan show next month.

After futher conversation/interrogation with her throughout the weekend, she said that she was sworn to secrecy but we should be pleased with it.
Not wanting to leave it there, i was about to use my arsenal of interrogation weapons,
namely :- Wit, Charm and Good looks, but the wife stopped me before i had chance.

But for a few more minutes, think i would have secured a test ride  :smitten1: .

Big Dave
Just cos your breathing doesn't mean your alive
Shiny side up:-)
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Vim 15  Cardigan   Wales    2013
Vim 16 Gerianger Norway    2014 car


NEW ONE - "Build it - they will buy!" :-[

Honda desperately needs the new adventure bike because they are missing out - but when it comes it will be pricey - if the Yam is same price as the BMUU (mayme a bit more ) then the Honda will be more expensive than the Yam.....

If life IS like a "box of chocolates" - then I got the one with all the bloody nuts in it!


Whilst I'd love a shaft drive, all you round the world travellers just remember this,
ifn you're out in wildest Mongolia and the shaft drive packs in you're f****d
[unless your name is Ewan or Charley] but if a chain breaks, a trip to the nearest
bog mechanic [ablutions operative?] could find you a bit of chain to get you going
again. ;) ;)
If the truth fits --wear it